one less step between you and your results

The same test results you’d get at the doctor’s office…minus the visit to the doctor’s office.

The only thing you’ll miss is the post-visit lollipop. Trust us.

testing, testing … 1, 2, 3 …

general wellness

Get the big picture and check in on your current health. You know your body. We know the numbers.

sexual health

The movie, the pizza, even the date—all on demand. Testing should be just as easy.

infectious disease

Wondering if you’ve been exposed? Get answers. Because it’s better to know. Right?

your schedule, our tests

Select your test.* Visit a Patient Service Center. Receive your test results, straight to your device. You got this.

*Once you select your test, it will be evaluated, and if appropriate, ordered by a licensed physician.

find a location

Whether you’re visiting on your lunch break or on your way to the gym, there’s a specimen collection location that fits your lifestyle.

It's better to know.
Find Out!

antibody testing
is now available