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Whether you’re looking for a fuller picture of your overall health or targeting a particular concern, we’ve got a test for that.

COVID-19 antibody

Our COVID-19 antibody test uses a blood sample to identify the presence of antibodies to the COVID-19 virus. Antibodies are proteins produced during the body’s immune response to infection. If you have detectable antibody levels, it means you were likely exposed to the COVID-19 virus in the past.

basic health

Our basic health test offers a convenient overview of your health and wellness. Check in on how your body is functioning with this test.

sexual health

It’s a good idea to test for common STIs annually or even more frequently, depending on your lifestyle. If you’re noticing symptoms or just want to feel confident about your sexual health, this test is for you.

thyroid health

Your thyroid plays an important role in how your body regulates many functions, such as mood, energy level, and weight. If the thyroid over- or under-produces hormones that control these functions, it can cause many health issues. Check in on how your thyroid is performing with this test.

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